Aug 19
“Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire” takes on new meaning at BoyzParty this week as Kirk Cummings finds out the hottest dish in the kitchen is the thick, 8″ pole in Phillip Aston’s pants. Blue eyed stunner Kirk takes on glance at that bulge, drops to knees and gobbles it to the base before turning over and spreading his cheeks to offer Phillip a snack of his own. After munching Kirk’s hole into a frenzy. Phillip gives Kirk the deep fucking he needs with that huge cock and ends off covering Kirk’s face with a massive facial.

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Jul 7
Stone employs his skillful tongue on Santana’s glorious, puckered boyz hole. Santana returns the favor by sucking Stone’s member. Stone ravenously devours Santana’s wonderfully proportioned penis. Their sex emphasizes their love story – Stoneeagerly reaches around as Santana bounces on his thick cock. Soon Santana leans himself against a wall for lengthy party backside penetration. Santana glows the epitome of cuteness, powered by Stone’s relentless pounding behind. The bottomboy bites down on his bone necklace. Sadly, an earthquake cuts short the bliss of their union. Flash forward to circa 1954, and the story comes full circle. The celebratory sexcapades of the two scientists are cut short. Budget cuts abbreveate the project that discovered the frozen stone age Santana.

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Jun 27
Twink tight ass
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Grease may be the word on Boyz Party this week as it took plenty of lube for Carmine to be able to force that fat, thick dick all the way up twink tight ass – even after Carmine’s tongue had already gotten Kirk’s lily white, smooth hole white good and sloppy. Did they both enjoy themselves? Well if those lakes of white juice on those tan bodies are of any indication, these twink boyz had a helluva fine time!

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Jun 19
Sexually boyz silly
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Peter Kyck and Mark Zebro are playing with two stuffed Teddy Bears and being sexually boyz silly. Robbie Masters comes in and wants to play with the bears as well, but seeing them both hard says, “Fuck the bears!” and starts to hungrily suck their boners. Zebro and Kyck start to return the oral favors when Patrik Maxwell walks in and is surprised and announces, “Oh my God, you’re all BARE!”
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Jun 9
Boyz Facial
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This time around on boyz party we brings you two hot fresh twink boyz that is ready for some hardcode fucking and alittle sticky facial. Nothing better to unload your load, that you have been saving up days, on a cute twink face.
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May 30
Punished party boys
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Sometimes naughty party boys need to be punished (I know of some, more deserving than others) and our cutieboi Cody is led into his bedroom blindfolded by Skylar. Skylar says he needs to be punished, but Cody isn’t exactly sure what he has done wrong, or what his twink punishment will be.
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May 26
Boyz party fucking
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These two cute twink boyz was only suppost to do some solo vids. But in the heat of the night we double up their money and they were happy to do some boyz party fucking

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May 20
Robbie Williams is just the kind of dark haired boyz with a beautiful face, a lean, smooth body and a bubble butt that wet dreams are made of. When he took one look at Phillip Ashton’s huge, thick cock, Robbie knew just where he wanted it but was having a hard time deciding if he wanted in his mouth first, or his ass. Phillip made that easy…he took both and the resulting climax had both their bodies covered in jizz in this BoysParty Exclusive production!
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Apr 7
Hot outdoor sex
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Bo and Luke use themselves as bait to distract Roscoe as Daisy puts a plan into action to free Uncle Jizzy from jail. Roscoe follows the boys in a high speed car chase that leaves the two cousins JUMPING their car over a ravine in order to escape. Once safe on the other side, the two boyz realize that they may not be blood related and celebrate their escape with some hot outdoor sex
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Mar 28
Connor Ashton comes into the house to find Brent Corrigan laying in just his boyz party shorts, watching TV. The boys talk until Connor discovers a not-so-well-hidden dildo in the couch cushions. Embarrassed, Brent grabs at it and the boys wrestle, Connor pinning down Brent and they kiss. Connor works down Brent’s chest and unbuttons his fly, Brent’s long hard boyz dick pops out and Connor licks and sucks the shaft.
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